Le Corbus: Roaring Space Age

Elegant finger waves, glass domes, cookie-cutter craters, robots and skyscrapers. What does it all mean? Collage artist Le Corbus‘ striking red/grey palettes, obliquely sinister themes and uncanny retro-future juxtapositions feel like a perfectly-blended mix of punk collage artist Winston Smith, anti-Fascist photomontage artist John Heartfield and Soviet propaganda poster master El Lissitzky. More from when the ’20s met the ’60s, after the jump.

4 Responses to “Le Corbus: Roaring Space Age”

  1. nixie Says:

    Oh my goodness, I love this! Do you know if he sells prints of these?

  2. Rick Says:

    Fucking *gorgeous*. If you could score this for the print mag I would be incredibly happy.


  3. Mer Says:

    Rick has a point. Nadya, Z, whatchoo think?

  4. Anya Says:

    Hi Coilhouse! I am a long time adorer of this amazing blog!! this article is one of the reasons I love you so!!!!