Limited-Edition Halloween Prints from Zoetica

Just in time for Goth Christmas™, Zo has released two gorgeous prints, available over at her site, Biorequiem. Featured are the Snake Charmer illustration from Issue 04, as well as the ravishing Mommy-Four-Legs, originally created for Travis Louie’s group art show, titled “Monster?” The artworks are available for a limited time as  8.5 x 11 prints on velvet photo rag paper, and can be purchased separately or together for a special price. Details here.

One Response to “Limited-Edition Halloween Prints from Zoetica”

  1. Amanda Strange Says:

    These are beautiful.
    Something Beardsleyesque about them, but with a singular modern twist. I’d love to own one. Thanks for offering them. Zoetica is one multi-talented chicka.