Merch Sale Ends This Wednesday, Midnight PST

Last week, we announced a new line of fund-raising merchandise: a poster, a scarf, a mug, and an array of buttons. Even Issue 05 and our Inform Inspire Infect hoodie are back by popular demand, all to help us make Issue 06 a worthy successor to the bling-a-licious 05. A big THANK YOU to everyone who’s pillaged our store so far. The sale ends this Wednesday at midnight PST, so if you plan to load up on Coil-goods, dally not!

7 Responses to “Merch Sale Ends This Wednesday, Midnight PST”

  1. Tequila Says:

    Glad I got in right under the wire! Other financial obligations cropped up but the poster & buttons HAD TO BE MINE at the very least :P

  2. Barbara Says:

    Meh, missed it due to money-induced hesitation. Next time (should there be one), I will be wiser. :P

  3. Jack Says:

    Hey! I’m just wondering if anyone can tell me what size of the hooded top Zoetica is wearing in those photos.

  4. Zoetica Says:

    Tequila, Yay, thank you!

    Jack, I’m wearing a Medium.

  5. Jack Says:

    Thanks Zoe!

    I realized too late that they’re all gone. Tears. Any chance there will be more soon?

  6. Dan Says:

    Looking forward to the III top, mug and scarf when they appear. Delays be damned – they will be mine!!

  7. Natasha Says:

    AUGH! I missed out AGAIN!!! *rolls into a ball to cry*
    I do however have a bit of joy considering I was just able to purchase one of the remaining copies of issue 05 and therefore can keep my issue collection complete after all.. But I would love to be able to drink my daily java juice from a Coilhouse mug with such motivating mission upon it.. *sigh*