New Fundraising Coilhouse Merch Coming Tomorrow!

Brace yourselves, for a new batch of Coilhouse merch is about to appear on the horizon. Tomorrow’s merch release will see the return of an old favorite – the super-comfy Inform/Inspire/Infect unisex hoodie (modeled here and here by two stylish customers), plus some brand new items. Buttons crafted by the one and only Snarky McFuckbuttons, a beautiful 18×24 four-color poster with new Coilhouse art by Zoetica screenprinted by Mama’s Sauce, a hefty Inform/Inspire/Infect mug, a scarf, and much more await you here tomorrow.

In addition, we’re selling the last 150 copies of Issue 05 our remaining stash before our Boogie Edition joins Issue 01-04’s status of being Sold Out Forever. We weren’t sure how many we’d have left after mailing out all the freebies to advertisers and contributors. Now that all issues have been mailed, we’re selling the remaining quantity to make room for Issue 06.

Speaking of Issue 06, this round of merch is going to help fund Issue 06 printing. With its many frills – the holographic foil, the fold-out poster, the art postcards – our recently-produced Issue 05 cost an arm and a leg, eating away at some of our budget for printing Issue 06. With this merch, we hope to raise enough money to make Issue 06 just as grand.

This round of merch will be Pre-Order: meaning, you buy it, we get it manufactured, and you get your shipment about 3 weeks from now. Stay tuned for the reveal of the new items tomorrow – live, in Technicolor!

6 Responses to “New Fundraising Coilhouse Merch Coming Tomorrow!”

  1. Tertiary Says:

    Excellent. I have an opportunity to get #5 after all. MUAHAHAHAHAHAH!

  2. Jamie Says:

    LOVE the spacegirl hoodie! Must have!

  3. Infamous Amos Says:

    Hum… interested to see this scarf you speak of. My neck is freezing and I’m all out of ideas.

  4. Ed Autumn Says:

    Tertiary I’m with you!! Just went to Barnes & Nobles in Emeryville, CA with the hopes of finding the issue! But it has come to me >:D And the Inform/Inspire/Infect hoodie tempts me!


  5. Tequila Says:

    Funny how this stuff always comes out around the time I have money. Sneaky.

    I will wear that button/badge with PRIDE. ALWAYS. I’ll even wear it in the shower. The pain will be worth the awesome.

    The mug will come in handy as I have no official mug for my daily mug needs.

  6. Shannon Says:

    Looking forward to it!