The Ultimate Bunny Calm

You may never experience anything more meditative and calming than this. The short clip below has the amazing ability to turn nervous, fidgety thoughts into a state of pure halcyon, and I’m not the only one who says so! Many people who viewed this irresistibly cute video told me they felt literally mesmerized by the Rabbit Which Did Nothing.

The title is almost perfect. Almost, because the rabbit breaks his zen routine and cleans his paws at about 0:51. Oh, and he disapproves, like rabbits usually do, too. Apart from that small departure from the rule, the rabbit is definitely doing nothing throughout the entire 2:46 minutes. A friend suggests that looping and extending the length of the clip would make it the perfect video to John Cage’s “4’33”.

The only question remaining is whether it’s the mysterious fluffy being in the foreground who is, in fact, the true Rabbit Which Did Nothing.

7 Responses to “The Ultimate Bunny Calm”

  1. lizzelizzel Says:

    Rabbits are lagomophs not rodents! I’m sorry that I had to be that wet blanket but I love my bunnies!

  2. Olga Says:

    I know, the introduction is separate from the rest of the post. Pardonnez for the confusion!

  3. Zoetica Says:

    I removed the intro for clarity’s sake, plus there is no need for it now that Olga has her own log-in.

  4. Mer Says:


    Cheers, Olga. I needed this.

    While we’re celebrating lagomorphs on Coilhouse, I’d like to take the opportunity to share the cinematic debut of my own beloved bunny rabbit, Lil, in a Persephone’s Bees video co-created by longtime Coilhouse supporter, Gooby Herms:

    (I’m biased of course, but she’s by far and away my favorite part. I could stand to watch 4:33 of her hopping around in After Effects land.)

  5. Curiosa Says:

    The one in front is a toy, I had to watch a few other videos from this person to figure that out though ;)

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