The Vagina Power Halloween Special

It was many years ago when I first discovered the awesomeness that is Vagina Power, an Atlanta-based public access show hosted by the inimitable Alexyss K. Tylor and her often shocked and bewildered mother. Few have done more to empower women than Tylor, a woman whose unique voice shines through in the heated battle betwixt the genitals.

In this particular episode, she uses the holiday of Halloween to focus on a woman’s duty to police her vagina, a valiant call to arms, meant to tame the lawless land below the waists of the Second Sex. In doing so she also explores the wedding ring’s role in binding both the Penis and the Nuts. It is not quite as stupendous as when she explained that “dick’ll make you slap somebody”, but it is classic Alexyss K. Tylor nonetheless.

5 Responses to “The Vagina Power Halloween Special”

  1. Zoetica Says:

    Oh GOD. I’d just been able to forget her this year. Aaaaaa.

  2. Vagina Power Halloween Edition | The Grumpy Owl Says:

    […] VIA […]

  3. Naz Says:

    that lady is hilarious!!

  4. Tertiary Says:

    I do so love this woman.
    She’s taught me much about things I should do to please a lady.
    Like hittin’ the bottom, and workin’ the walls!

  5. toro Says:

    Wow, the term feminazis has a face now. Ad literam.