Blade Runner: The Secret Cinema Experience

“Secret Cinema is a growing community of all that love cinema, experience and the unknown. Secret audience. Secret locations. Secret worlds. The time is now to change how we watch films.”

It’s like an elaborate cosplay event, a midnight screening of Rocky Horror and a candle-lit Cinespia cemetery screening picnic got thrown into a blender together with tens of thousands in sponsorship funding from Windows Phone (?!), and the incredible clip above was the result. Yellow snakes, white doves, retina I.D. testing stations, dancers wearing hockey masks, streetside noodle bars, even a passage with artificially-created rain. How I wish we could’ve all been there.

The images below were taken by mike mike mike, found in the Secret Cinema/Blade Runner Flickr Set. More images here.

[via m1k3y]

11 Responses to “Blade Runner: The Secret Cinema Experience”

  1. Chelsea Says:

    OH MY HEART. Missing things like this is the reason I hate rural Canada.

  2. JoAsakura Says:

    I’m not joking when I say this is one of the coolest things I have ever seen.

    The movie fan and occasional cosplayer in me is running around in circles, shrieking.

  3. Mer Says:

    I wanna gooooooo. *sob*

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  5. Parthamy Says:

    I attended this event, the set design was amazing at this particular secret cinema. It was awesome to see Chrome Hoof play live there to. The actors are brilliant, its pretty much all volunteer based as well as a friend of mine does costume work for them.

  6. Nate Says:

    Remember seeing an article on the BBC about this earlier in the year –

    Looks utterly brilliant.

  7. Nadya Says:

    I have to say, I think that the corporate sponsorship really, really works in this case!

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    […] in sponsorship funding from Windows Phone (?!), and the incredible clip above was the result. (via coilhouse via m1k3y, image above comes from the event’s Flickr set shot by mike mike […]

  9. Shannon Says:

    This looks amazing. Following them now. Thanks!

  10. Tequila Says:

    I’m always a bit on the fence about these kind of things…

    One part is a great celebration of a well loved film…while the other is one step away from being a theme park ride at Disneyland.

    So it’s hard to fully embrace it. Still it’s a great use of corporate sponsorship & would much rather see events like these take place then the usual grotesque PR/Promotional extravaganzas. The kind where BIGGEST BAND EVER plays to a bunch of industry types as neon lit booths show off their NEW AWESOME PRODUCT.

    “The time is now to change how we watch films.”

    Once you act films out on a stage though or bring them into tangible reality it’s no longer film – its theater. That’s not really changing how one watches film – it’s just culling film for a different experience. In this case that desire to make some film worlds real.

    Not sure cosplayers can hold the same level of performance & drama of the actors they are mimicking really (admittedly hard to judge in such a short clip)- YET it does lead for an interesting opened door to be played with. This is a fun idea that I hope is explored beyond novelty value of playing with great films in a new way.

    I like that some are trying to give movies new ways of being experienced since the advent of Home Theaters really killed the cinematic experience for many (yet so did multi-screen cinemaplexes.) Movies got relegated to these pure in the dark experiences that while fantastic – just don’t always seem to fit what’s being presented anymore.

    The above kinda bleeds off the screen making it all a world for the film to dictate & manipulate. Though it’s still mainly passive with people watching vs. really participating like those acting out the roles are. Curious what could happen if it really was less – staged?

  11. Sarah Says:

    I was there! It was, without a doubt, the most freaking incredible thing I’ve ever experienced. The secret meeting point in the middle of the financial district was a touch of genius…seriously, I could go on but there is no way to adequately describe it. They actually CREATED the film…

    However, I was also at the next secret cinema event which was Lawrence of Arabia. There were at least 5 times the number of people, no sense of awe or secrecy, awful sound (you just could not hear a thing)…The whole thing has become mainstream and they are packing in the people to make money. Bloody annoying, yet inevitable.

    I just feel lucky I experienced a good one before it all went tits up!