BTC: Bagger 288

Neck not supporting head? Eyes won’t focus? Daily grind? Sausage grind? Welcome, sons and daughters. Welcome to the machine. Specifically, the infamous Bagger 288:

0:47 = tragically accurate visual metaphor for the author’s current state.

Yep. An internet classic. When in doubt (or too sleep deprived to think straight), Joel Veitch to the rescue!

4 Responses to “BTC: Bagger 288”

  1. DVA Says:

    I sleep better at night knowing that somewhere, out there, is a saw blade the size of a city block. I don’t even care why.

  2. Tertiary Says:

    I should have watched this earlier, seeing as home I’m running on an hour and a half of shuteye myself.

  3. foxtongue Says:

    My favourite part of that video is that the people that run the machine will find it as they google about on the interwebs on official bagger business.

  4. bjacques Says:

    Made by Krupp! And a great way to start the day. Thanks!