Dirty Night Clowns

Warning to any coulrophobics or pupaphobics who may be a part of our readership: This video may not be for you; containing, as it does, both puppets and clowns and, in fact, a clown puppet. For the those of you without such qualms: Prepare yourselves for the bizarre traipse through a miniature forest that is the video for Chris Garneau’s Dirty Night Clowns, a delightfully dark composition with some decidedly insidious undertones. The video, directed by Ryan Gibeau, is unsettling but beautifully realized. Puppetry has the ability to both undercut and magnify disturbing themes in equal measure with its cartoonish, exaggerated qualities, and that is on full display here. They also have a great behind-the-scenes feature for those who are interested.

Via who killed bambi?

One Response to “Dirty Night Clowns”

  1. Steampunk Jewelry Maker Says:

    I love this video – very creepy, wonderfully imaginative!
    As a collector of rare words and phrases, I was also delighted to be introduced to “Coulrophobics” and “Pupaphobics” – thanks!