Gender Subversion Poster

Via Slim –who says he was reminded of it when he read this piece by a mother defending her five-year-old son’s Daphne costume– comes this awesome sauce:

This poster can be purchased on the cheap, or downloaded for free at the Crimethinc site as part of their “Gender Subversion Kit”.

“Part poster, part zine, and made to be deployed in an endless number of environments, the Gender Subversion Kit is a 22″x14” two-color poster on the outside and a line art illustrated gender-fuck coloring book road map for both kids and adults on the inside. Inspired by and adapted from the boys will be girls will be boys . . . coloring book by JT and Irit, we took the parts we loved the most, made a few small changes, and mass produced it on the cheap.”

11 Responses to “Gender Subversion Poster”

  1. Nadya Says:

    Awww. When I was at the family-planning clinic the other day for the IUD thing, they had that poster on the wall. And that’s why San Francisco is fucking awesome. I was totally planning blog it… but you got just a day later! Thanks for posting this, because I actually forgot that that was my plan.

    <3 <3 <3

  2. Heather Says:

    sweet. I’ll definitely print outa couple of those and hang them up in college…

  3. Filipe Says:

    Society needs to exorcize gender so badly.

  4. Tertiary Says:

    Totally tumblred.

  5. whittles Says:

    I used to have this on my wall years ago. I’ve always loved it.

  6. Sam Says:

    Awesome!!! Thanks so much for this :)

  7. Jeromey Says:

    Oh this is beautiful…it made me week. : )

  8. Natasha Says:

    This is inspiring. I was always a Tomboy, raised like a boy, by a man who was my mother and father, and though I have my girlish side where I love boys or marvel over fashion, I will never feel comfortable or normal in a dress and never be a big fan of makeup or shoes. My mother even pierced my ears before I was a year old because she dressed me in blue, spiked my hair and people constantly thought I was a boy. I wish society would stop stereotyping, labeling and categorizing.

  9. Mike (Michelle) Says:

    Wow, there is a lot of prolonged adolescence out in internet meme-land isn’t there? Seriously, I just came to this post via the Twitter of a 30 something year old man. I can understand if you are 15 and live at home or attend high school, but really now, can we all just get over this whole “gender” thing?

  10. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    @M(M), According to survey data we’ve taken, a lot of Coilhouse blog readers are still in their teens and living at home (although our readership’s median age is twentysomething). I believe we’ve even got a teenage intern on our staff now. But still, feel free to shake your cane and yell “FEH!” There’s room for that demographic, too. ;D

  11. Ian Ridley Says:

    I love this poster! I bought a bunch of them and gave them to my school’s LGBT club.