Grant Morisson: Talking With Gods

A few weeks ago, Meltdown Comics held a screening for Grant Morisson: Talking With Gods – a new documentary revolving around the life and work of iconic comics trailblazer, Grant Morrison. In this first ever feature-length film about him, Grant talks at length about the extraordinary circumstances spanning his life and career thus far. Intimate, endearing conversations with a horde of esteemed collaborators and friends are interspersed with Grant’s own stories, and feature Warren Ellis, Douglas Rushkoff, Geoff Johns and many, many more. Also spotted in the doc: Allan Amato’s Issue 04 photos of Grant and his wife, Kristan. SCORE.

At Meltdown, the end credits rolled to a standing ovation. During the subsequent Q&A, guest speaker Taliesin Jaffe generously shared a tale which some of us will be able to identify with all too well. He spoke of a young, goth Taliesin, deeply involved in ritual magic and in the process of finalizing his sacred toolkit. The remaining, pivotal piece was a wand, and for this purpose has had acquired a human femur. No ritual tool is complete without a proper charge, and for this purpose young Taliesin brought his human femur to a convention, laid it in front of Grant Morrison, and asked him to sign it. Which Grant did, after some deliberation.

I caught up with director Patrick Meaney to ask if he could share his most memorable experience from the makingĀ  of Talking With Gods.

Patrick Meaney: One of the most bizarre moments was watching the film with Grant himself, and participating in creating the next public incarnation of Morrison through his feedback on the film. It was totally surreal to go to someone and present them with ‘the story of their life,’ and then ask them to tell you what they think. We had discussed the idea that this film would, in a way, be his legacy, and would determine how people perceive him from here on out, so it was a big responsibility. Luckily he seemed happy with the final result.

In terms of bizarre magical correspondences, I wasn’t there for this one, but my DP, Jordan, was in New Mexico for a couple of days and wanted to get footage of a scorpion to illustrate one of Grant’s stories. On his last day there, he told the universe, “I want to see a scorpion today”. That afternoon, he was driving down the road and spotted something, stopped the car and there, waiting, was a scorpion. So, we got exactly the shot we needed.

Reviews of the film are popping up all across the ‘Wub – a bunch are collected here. More screenings are being listed here, you can watch one of the official trailers for Grant Morrison: Talking With Gods below, and the DVD is now available through the Halo8 store, and on Amazon.

7 Responses to “Grant Morisson: Talking With Gods”

  1. chris g Says:

    Wow, I really should have gone to that! I love that man. And he’s got a kick-ass super villain wife ^__^

  2. icelandbob Says:

    I’ve seen the movie and i think it makes a pretty fine legacy.

    The two things that came across for me were

    1) How life-affirming he was. the way he seem to have a nearly positive impact on people he meets. His passion for life, comics and living just seemed to throb from the screen.

    2) How his personal experiences affected his comics writing. I knew about how his life experiences ended up in “The Invisibles”, “Animal Man” and “Flex Mentallo”, but i didn’t know about his personal and cultural crisis while writing “The Filth”. This made me go back and re-read it immediately. I (mostly) understood it before, but after the Doc i GET what he was on about now.

    Plus he looks great in Leather & PVC trousers. The Bastard….

  3. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Great stuff!

    Wow, notice something a little strange? Without having any knowledge of what was in your post, Z, I just I referenced unconventional use of a human femur in my own post, located directly below.

    I feel weeeeeeird.


  4. Steampunk Jewelry Maker Says:

    I saw his lecture on Disinfo awhile back, fascinating stuff!
    Thanks for the article, can’t wait for “Talking with Gods”

  5. Negative Nancy Says:

    I thought the issue 4 (iirc) interview with him was very interesting, but god, I hate what he’s doing with Batman right now.

  6. Hanuman Sun Wukong Says:

    The man is a God! So much more than just a comics writer.

  7. Glossolalia Black Says:

    The closest place playing it is a seven hour drive. So, naturally, I’m buying it. Thanks! GM is a hero of mine.