Jessica Joslin’s “Hybrids” at La Luz de Jesus Gallery

“858” by Jessica Joslin

Our darling Jessica‘s been keeping busy! She’ll be exhibiting an array of gorgeous new work at the La Luz de Jesus Gallery in Hollywood, November 5 – 28, 2010.

Jessica Joslin’s Hybrids show is a circus of oddities, a mixed-media menagerie of unexpected creatures. A whimsical cat in a red leather harness harness pulls a polycephalic partner on a wooden cart. An exquisite two headed tropical bird with lush brass plumage preens on it’s perch and a troupe of monkey-cat hybrids engage in mysterious shenanigans. Hybrids is a menagerie of distinctive creations, its frolicsome fauna beckon you to come see the show!

The reception’s being held on Friday, Nov 5th, from 8-11pm. Book signing to precede from 7-8pm. LA conclave, be sure to go and cuddle Jessica and blow some air kisses her critters’ way! (Especially Clio & Loci. Yours truly met ’em in Arizona earlier this year, and fell hopelessly in lurrrrve.)

“Helios” by Jessica Joslin (front and side views).

4 Responses to “Jessica Joslin’s “Hybrids” at La Luz de Jesus Gallery”

  1. Binnorie Says:

    I do believe that 858 is my favorite Jessica Joslin work I’ve seen!!

  2. Vivacious G Says:

    Beautiful, whimsical, from a parallel dimension… Hey, that’s my emergence from the womb day! Gonna try to make it to the reception.

  3. Jessica Says:

    Mer: Thanks love!!! Wish you could be there for this one…I’ll be sure to send pictures of us (me & Clio & Loci) blowing you kisses!!!
    Binnorie: Thanks, I’m flattered! :D
    Vivacious G: Thank you! I hope you can make it- if you do, please say hello! :)

  4. javier Says:

    LOVE!! will miss reception, but will be in hollywood monday, so it’s sorta perfect timing!