“Last Leaf” By Ok Go

There is no disputing that much of Ok Go’s success stems their inventive and often complex videos. The video for their new single “Last Leaf” is no exception. Animated using 2,430 pieces of toast in lieu of celluloid, it makes for a finished product just as flammable but an order of magnitude more delicious.

2 Responses to ““Last Leaf” By Ok Go”

  1. Andreas Fuchs Says:

    I am almost 100% certain they engraved the patterns with a laser cutter on the toasted bread.

    So far, the take-home lesson from every one of their videos, to me, is that with the right equipment (say, a couple treadmills; or a few well-trained dogs and props; or in this case, a few thousand pieces of toasted bread and a laser cutter), and a bit of practice, you /can/ make them yourself. Love this.

  2. Patricia Says:

    And laser cutters can be programmed to create complex patterns. Of course! It’s just a matter of storyboarding it and translating that into a computer.

    How many loaves of bread do you suppose that is and what did they do with it all afterwards?