Mark Garro’s Underwater Portraits

While everyone else in the world is giving face time to the over-exposed (but, admittedly, awesome) cephalopod, Mark Garro prefers to branch out; immortalizing the less glamorous of sea creatures, like Malcolm L. O’Clam, a bagpipe playing oyster. Mr Garro’s imaginative paintings are showing at Corpro Gallery in Santa Monica through December 4th for those who wish to get a look at Malcolm up close.

Via Super Punch

3 Responses to “Mark Garro’s Underwater Portraits”

  1. Steampunk Jewelry Maker Says:

    Absolutely fantastic! I’d love to meet Teecworm!

  2. Patricia Says:

    The Scotsman looks more like a clam than an oyster.
    I like the little tartan fish :)

  3. Carole Says:

    who REALLY knows what lies deep within