Pozegnanie, Henryk Gorecki

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World-renowned Polish composer Henryk Gorecki, “whose early avant-garde style gave way to more approachable works rooted in his country’s folk songs and sacred music and whose Symphony No. 3 — an extended lamentation subtitled Symphony of Sorrowful Songs — sold more than a million copies on CD in the 1990s, died on Friday in Katowice, Poland. He was 76.”

8 Responses to “Pozegnanie, Henryk Gorecki”

  1. Tertiary Says:

    A great loss. Brilliant composer.

  2. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    A good example to me of how pop(ularity) doesn’t equal pap. The Dawn Upshaw recording still destroys me almost 20 years later.

  3. konamango Says:

    was just listening to him (and dawn upshaw) the other day. he is brilliant and reminds me of music that no matter how much one can introduce these wonderful works through the ages, this era is so exceedingly complacent and filled with plagiarism that will never give rise to truly great works again — in the number of those who were prolific beyond the ever so drab and flaccid tool of the western hemisphere at present.

  4. Green Of Eye Says:

    Heartbroken to hear he’s gone. Introduced a friend(who was blown away) to his music 4 nights before he died

  5. Natasha Says:

    This is the perfect piece for this post. I don’t know many in my age group who know of Gorecki, which, like his death, is a very sad shame.

  6. Pawel Says:

    Thank you for the sad news. I’m from Poland and from you I found out about this loss. I love Gorecki, although I can listen to it only from time to time, when it’s time for it. The title of your post: POEGNANIE should actually be POZEGNANIE (farewell). But it doesn’t matter. This is a great music and I’m glad he is quite known in the world. DZIEKUJE (thank you)

  7. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Awww. Thanks, Pawel. How odd… the accent above the z made the z in “Pozegnanie” disappear in the title. Have just replaced it with an unaccented z, thanks! :)

  8. Emily Says:

    Very beautiful, I wasn’t familiar with him until now sadly.