The Friday Afternoon Movie: Rejected

Today is the Friday after Thanksgiving here in the US, which of course means that once again the Salespocalypse has descended upon this fair nation. Even now the fields are being decimated by swarms of bargains and the rivers run red with savings. While we here at the FAM do not partake in this yearly consumer orgy, content to huddle in our cell deep underground, far away from the lamentations of the trampled, we understand that there may be some among our readership who cannot resist the primal, thrifty Siren call of Great Deals.

Should you be among those who make it out alive we invite you to sit down, relax, and put the images of that helpless little girl out of your mind. No need to revisit the scene. No need to remember her cries of pain or recall the look of horror and resignation that came across her face right before that obese woman’s Jazzy crushed her skull. Here, have a look at some wonderful cartoons. To ease your guilt we give you Don Hertzfeldt’s amazing animated short Rejected. Watch it; it’s pretty funny. There you go, you just forget about that poor girl. I’m sure her family will be fine and, after all, they did wind up beating you to that very cheap HDTV. They came out ahead really. I mean, they can always make another daughter but when are you ever going to be able to get a 52″ plasma for under $600.00?

2 Responses to “The Friday Afternoon Movie: Rejected”

  1. JBabb Says:

    Don Hertzfeldt is an amazingly talented man. Despite viewing this short several dozen times over the last few years, I still haven’t grown tired of it.

    I just recently noticed the soundtrack (a selection from Beethoven’s 9th) is the same piece used in “A Clockwork Orange”. The reference (even if purely circumstantial) has definitely added to my enjoyment of the film.

  2. maggie Says: