“Wishery” is the newest track from sample magician Nick Bertke a.k.a. Pogo. Using Walt Disney’s 1937 classic Snow White and the Seven Dwarves Bertke expertly chops it to bits and constructs a mesmerizing trip-hop soundscape. Absent for the past year due, it seems, to a contract with Disney, it’s good to see the man who brought us “Alice” return, especially in such spectacular fashion.

4 Responses to “Wishery”

  1. Mer Says:

    So lovely! I’m still a complete sucker for all of those adorable woodland birds, bunnies, does, etc… Can’t wait to see what Pogo comes up with next!

  2. bjacques Says:

    A thing of beauty!

    Of course, mixing Rammstein’s video of “Hier kommt die Zonne” to this song would be even more win!

  3. lizzelizzel Says:

    I really like this and Alice.

    His work reminds me of another artist who uses toy instruments and mashes up old children’s records.

    You can hear the work at Twink.net

    I especially recommend the album The Broken Record.

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