Yeah, It’s Kind of Like That.

Coilhouse Magazine production schedule/deadline hell is once again upon us, like WHOA. We’re deep down in it. And, yeah, it really is kind of like this:

Fondly, and with great empathy, this video is offered for the amusement of the entire extended Curlhaus crew. We’ve all been so busy and stressed. We need a good cackle. Do you realize we didn’t even get a chance to celebrate our Three Year Anniversary last month?! Damn.

So c’mere. Get in on this big impromptu group hug. Everybody, now: interns, managers, editors, contributors, distributors, merch-makers, etc. Everyone who is currently wrangling with some aspect of production, scheduling, design, advertising, financing, shipping, liaising, blogging, or crisis-averting. Everyone who’s ill, everyone who’s overwhelmed, everyone who’s hustling. Hang in there, babies.

Hey, readers? Feel free to get in on it, too.¬† Thanks, as always, for your support and patience. For leaving kind words for us here, on Twatter, on Fartbook, for linking back, for buying merch. For sticking around and standing by when we all inevitably wig out around production time and shit gets a little unhinged. We may all be gnawing our own lips off right now, but we can’t wait to share what’s coming next with you.

Gigantic, gigantic, gigantic, a big, big love.

9 Responses to “Yeah, It’s Kind of Like That.”

  1. Tertiary Says:

    Well, that was awesome.
    I really needed that.

  2. Nadya Says:

    Issue 06 production is intense, but it really feels like we’re gonna do it. I think today for the first time, I was like, “holy shit, this things’s getting DONE.” (I don’t know why that’s such a shock – I mean, we got Issues 01 – 05 done, so why not 06?) I’m still a couple hundred emails away from feeling like I’m on top of shit, but I think it can be done, and it’ll be great.

    Thanks for the video. I needed that.


  3. Andreas Fuchs Says:

    I dare say, the unmodified video ( is almost as hilarious (-:

  4. Amber Says:


  5. Heather Says:


    I love that lion. He knows where it's at.

  6. perséfone Says:

    oh! That lion is from a shelter in Brazil!
    Group huuuug!!

  7. Dj Dead Billy Says:


  8. Zoetica Says:


  9. Tim Says:

    You ladies are great and do wonderful work. Keep it up and Hugs