The Racist Undertones Of Marmaduke

WHITEPRIDETV.COM has a varied lineup of video content for the modern white supremacist to educate themselves and keep up on the latest in good old American racism. From This Is The Klan to The White Woman’s Perspective Thomas Robb and his group of camera wielding bigots cover the entire gamut of life as an ignorant douchebag. They also, thankfully, have some children’s programing to help Confederate flag waving parents educate their offspring in the proper manner.

The programming in question is The Andrew Show which is, in case you had not already figured it out, “A Show for White Kids” (Finally!). Plopping the blond-haired youth in front of a green-screened bookcase, WHITEPRIDETV.COM lets the little tyke go at it, tackling the issues that face white kids today. This particular episode deals with the film Marmaduke, an unremarkable film in nearly every way except for the fact that it is a metaphor for racial tension; specifically the denial of land to white people by people of other various and sundry races. So goes Andrew’s thesis, a thesis he does not expound upon his, presumably because his point is so self-evident even a child can see it.

It is an unfortunate reality that even the worst among the human race can procreate, taking an otherwise unfettered mind and twist it with their own, poisonous worldview. It is, perhaps, worse when they give them their own television show to parrot that moronic bile.

Via Videogum : The Daily What

6 Responses to “The Racist Undertones Of Marmaduke”

  1. Liebe Says:

    God, I hate when horrible things look like self-parody. From the hot-mail account to the title of the show, to the music.

    Here’s hoping that kid eventually rebels against his obviously influencing parents.

  2. Nadya Says:

    Wow, just wow.

    He’s internet-famous forever!

  3. tjewell Says:

    It really says something that they green-screened him in front of a bookcase rather than hmm, having an *actual* bookcase with real books for him to be in front of. Is that hard for them to come by?

  4. monkey Says:

    This kid should be removed from his parents by child protective services….being an ignorant ass should be grounds for losing your child.

  5. Natasha Says:

    They have the bookcase green screened in because allowing their child to read and learn for himself may put him at risk for influence by people who do not share his parents’ twisted views. God forbid he get his hands on something even remotely like Cry, The Beloved Country.. Sickening.

  6. Cameron Says:

    i have a confederate flag hanging in my room, does that make me a white supremacist?