Advertise in Coilhouse Issue 06!

Coilhouse can be found in over 2,000 retail locations. For specific details of our distribution, click here. Photo by rickiep00h on Flickr.

Coilhouse Magazine Issue 06 is coming. It’s been coming for a long time, and that’s because we’ve challenged ourselves to put more care and effort into this issue than ever before. You won’t have to wait much longer: 06 will be out in early spring! For those of you interested in advertising in Coilhouse, now is the time to get in touch and reserve your spot. The deadline for reserving an ad in Issue 06 is February 1st.

Who’s advertising in Coilhouse?  Increasingly, it’s not just businesses – it’s also artists, writers, filmmakers, musicians, designers, art galleries and publications. Take a look at November’s “Support Our Advertisers” blog post, which outlines the 69 participants in Issue 05’s Small Business Advertising Program. It’s an inspiring, eclectic collection of products and people.

Magazines with production quality on par with Coilhouse are usually chock-full of corporate advertising, but we’ve made it part of our mission to prioritize our cherished community base, enabling less profit-driven entities to appear in our pages. Though we’ve raised all our full-page rates as of 2011, a beautifully-designed ad square in our Small Business Program still costs only $99-149.

Magazine reader response to the catalog style layout has been very positive. We hear a lot of people say that they spend as much time poring over the scrumptious small biz grid pages as they do over the articles themselves. You can see examples of what the ad grid layout looks like in the magazine here and here.

If you’re new to the advertising in Coilhouse, check our Advertising FAQ. For specifics about our distribution, circulation and pricing, check out our 2011 Media Kit. If you’ve made up your mind to take out an ad, all you need to do in order to get the ball rolling is email our wonderful Ad Manager, Samantha.

The Coilhouse venture remains, first and foremost, a labor of love… with lucre a very distant second. Rest assured that when beloved members of this community participate in our Small Business Ad Program, it’s a mutually beneficial partnership that keeps us all striving. (And hey – if you’re a small business, but you still want to take out a full page ad, come talk to us – we’ll be happy work something out.)

As always, thanks for reading. See you in Issue 06!

6 Responses to “Advertise in Coilhouse Issue 06!”

  1. Rick Says:

    D’aww it’s my horrible cell phone pic! Hopefully it gets some people motivated!

    (Can’t wait for Issue 6, btw.)

  2. Nadya Says:

    Hey Rick,

    Booo… the image didn’t come through! Can you post the URL and I’ll fix it? WordPress is weird with HTML image tags in comments sometimes.

  3. Jenny Walklate Says:

    Hello, I am thinking about putting in an advert to Coilhouse. However, the event I wish to advertise is the 28th-30th March – will Coilhouse 6 be out in time? I do hope you can help me.

  4. Nadya Says:


    While Issue 06 will be available on the website before your event, I can’t say positively that it’ll be in stores by that time. Sometimes, it takes a while for them to get the magazine up on the shelf. We’ve seen it take up to 3 weeks after we receive our copies. So, I’d play it safe and NOT take out an ad in this issue, if this is just for one event.

    But what’s the event? I’m curious!

  5. Rick Says:

    No no, that’s my picture y’all are using for the post! rickiep00h is me! I am him! (Sorry, I just felt excited that my shitty little cellphone pic made it somewhere.)

  6. Nadya Says:

    Hey Rickie,

    Oh, gotcha! Thank you for the awesome pic. It’s one of my favorite images of Issue 06 “in the wild.” :)