BTC: “I Need A Bambulance”

While several harried members of the staff of Coilhouse, frantic to meet our rapidly approaching content deadline, could probably do with a WAAAHMBULANCE this morning, that fact does not make for half as entertaining a BTC post as this legendary “Bambulance” bootleg:

Various cuts of the ridiculous, expletive-rife conversation between (supposedly) a 9-1-1 operator and a man named Joe (trapped in a mutha fuckin’ phone booth outside of a mutha fuckin’ Stop n’ Go after being bitten by a mutha fuckin’ deer, and then a mutha fuckin’ dog) have been circulating for well over thirty years. According to Snopes, it’s yet to be determined whether the call is a hoax or not, or where it originated from. In any case, it’s comedy gold. Y’all have a beautiful GOD DAMN week, y’hear?

2 Responses to “BTC: “I Need A Bambulance””

  1. PJ Says:

    Paramedic here. This call is probably 100% legit. We really do pick up crackheads like this /every/ shift. Every. Shift. In the business, we refer to people that call for such bullshit as “trolls”.

  2. Blind Butcher Says:

    It’s from Houston, Texas, and it’s a call made on a shift to train operators to the 911 system. They sit in and take live calls. This guy was a plant used to mess with the new guy. It was an inside joke, in other words. That’s what I’ve read anyway, though I forget the source.