The Frontier Is Everywhere

I have to say: I love me some space. Give me high resolution imagery of some uninhabited sphere out in the cold, merciless void and I’m all over it. Reading the exploits of diminutive robots poking digging into alien soil leaves me tumescent with nerdy excitement. There are those who, of course, do not. There are many who feel that instead of looking up, we should instead be looking down, or forward, or even catty-corner. That the money being shot into the ether would be better off spent here. And like those who would extol the virtues of white chocolate or the musical stylings of the Violent Femmes, I simply allow my eyes to roll into the back of my head and drool profusely when those naysayers begin to pontificate their anti-NASA vitriol until they depart my company, confused and disgusted. It seems the only reasonable reaction. Also, I am exceedingly lazy.

It probably doesn’t help that, as of now, NASA doesn’t have anything as sexy as the moon landing going on at the moment. Smashing things into Jupiter is cool and all, but not as awe inspiring as watching humans traipse about on the surface of an orb hundreds of thousands of miles away. As such, the agency doesn’t have quite the media presence of, say, the armed forces. There are no images of astronauts flying spaceships or scientists doing complex math formulas while Keith David narrates over a pulsing, rap metal track.

This did not sit well with YouTube user damewse, who put together a video entitled “The Frontier is Everywhere” that features “narration” by the late Dr. Carl Sagan comprised of his reflections on the Pale Blue Dot photograph. It’s a stirring piece of video that, as admitted by damewse, borrows heavily from “EARTH: The Pale Blue Dot” by Michael Marantz, (see below), tailored with images of the space shuttle. Whether or not this is effective advertising is up for debate, but it’s certainly beautiful to watch.

Thanks, Evan!

4 Responses to “The Frontier Is Everywhere”

  1. Make Total Destroy Says:

    LOL. I like that they use a clip from the anti-G20 riot in Toronto. That was awesome. I will vote NASA 2012 if they can figure out how to set cop cars on fire from space.

  2. dicyfer Says:

    Yeah, okay. Tears now. I second everything stated in the above paragraphs and thank you so much for posting this! Beautiful videos.
    I grew up with Carl Sagan and his voice never ceases to send me back into that mindset where everything is possible and it’s only a matter of time before I can fly out into the stars. :)

  3. Geozilla Says:

    Love, love, love this. I am positively giddy for digging robots and drilling Europa and all that stuff. The stuff NASA does here on Earth is just as cool with the microbes and satellite imaging of the subsurface. I saw spend more money “on the ether”!

  4. Noelle Says:

    Thank you so much. :)