Hilum By Patrick Sims

What better day than Thursday for some marionette flavored nightmare fuel? Behold the mad weirdness of Patrick Sims and Les Antliaclastes’ Hilum. I’m at a loss to properly describe this one, but fortunately the London International Mime Festival website described it thus:

A micro comic-tragedy based on the cycles of the washing machine and set in the basement of a rundown museum of natural history. Orphaned and cut off from the ordered kingdom of curiosities upstairs, the cast of nursery rhyme characters, cartoon images, and mischievous urchins turn playtime into a theatre of cruelty. Whites mix with colours, delicates get hot washed, and a monstrous big toe devours holes in the socks.

So there is that. I’m not sure if that is really very helpful at all. Two minutes, really, is all you need to decide if this is up your alley or not.

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3 Responses to “Hilum By Patrick Sims”

  1. Blue Stahli Says:

    Good Lord! This has an *astounding* delicacy and care in the filming as well as the puppeteers performance. Kudos for scratching an itch I only thought possible of the Brothers Quay. Beautiful on all counts.

  2. Magen Toole Says:

    I’m not entirely sure what it is I just watched, but it was gorgeous, a little scary, and beautifully executed.

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