Roa In Mexico

Street artist Roa does some amazing work, site producing giant images of animals. He recently posted some work he did in Mexico and it is no less stunning. The severed bird head using the swinging gate to expose a skull behind it is particularly clever.

Via ekosystem : who killed bambi?

3 Responses to “Roa In Mexico”

  1. Shannon Says:


  2. g0ggs Says:

    oh wow! these are great, for a second I thought it was the artist from 99 rooms ^.^ though this is bit more detailed

    if you haven’t seen it already it’s very similar to this stuff, only it’s interactive

  3. Blue Stahli Says:

    Hot damn, these are striking. Good find! The interaction with the surrounding environment brought this to mind:

    g0ggs, the 99rooms project is equally fantastic. Mucho thank you