The Fantastic Planet Is Rotting

An admission of hypocrisy: Up close and personal, fungi kind of gross me out but put them in a painting and I’m all over them. I know, it makes no sense. It may be that, in a painting, they still portray a a sense of decay and fluidity without the moist, musky, oozing mucilage found in reality. Everything in a painting is blessedly dry, I suppose is what I’m saying. And while I realize that the appearance of a viscous sheen can be recreated I also know that if I were to touch it I would not draw back a hand coated in a vile mucus.

Enter these paintings by Dhear One, portraits of creatures on alien worlds, enveloped by otherworldly fungi, turning everything into a landscape — stalks and tendrils reaching up into the air seemingly in defiance of gravity, if there is any present. They are snapshots of worlds overrun. This is what happens when nature takes back the Fantastic Planet.

Via Cgunit

2 Responses to “The Fantastic Planet Is Rotting”

  1. vivacious_g Says:

    These are incredibly creative and beautiful, thank you for posting. Such an amazing movie and soundtrack, Fantastic Planet.

  2. Blue Stahli Says:

    These works have such a hazy, dreamy quality that I can’t be completely sure if it’s just skillful color choice or they really *are* producing some kind of airborne spore to lull their victims into an art-induced stupor before …”the feeding”.