The MegaMen are MegaRad

Via DJ Dead Billy comes this live 1983 performance of “Designed for Living” by an obscure Brisbane, AU band called The MegaMen. Watch, listen and rejoice as three elegant new romantics take the Bandaged Bear Telethon by storm.

Singer: Xhian Behm. Keyboardist: Mark Love. Duct-taped snare drum tamer: Lance Leopard. [via]

Billy professes to being nonplussed by certain aspects of the performance, namely The MegaMen’s mega-bitchy lyrics. Your mileage may vary: personally, I find their immaculate Nagelesque coifs, perfected sneers and lissome, synchronized dance moves impossible to resist. And really, when you think about it, don’t lines like “I see your pain and find it funny / You gave me love and I took your money” go together with disdainful high-kicks [2:39] and queenly mic-cord flips [2:42] like ebony eyeliner and ivory skin foundation? RAWR. Love.

8 Responses to “The MegaMen are MegaRad”

  1. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Extra love for Lance Leopard, who remains unflappable in spite of multiple stick-drops.

  2. stephanie Says:

    ugh. that’s bloody HOT! i LLOOOVVEEE the synchronized dance moves.

  3. Tertiary Says:

    And not a bad tune, all things considered.

    I think the bitchy lyrics really make the whole thing.

  4. Blue Stahli Says:

    This is the sassiest albino Grace Jones outside of *actual* sassy albino Grace Jones:

  5. Ross Rosenberg Says:

    Telethon hosted by Australian John Rhys-Davies.

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  7. Emily Says:

    I’d like one of each please! I can’t seem to find any other videos with them though. Links?

  8. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    No other video links that I’ve been able to find, Emily. Mega obscure.