BTC: Big Freedia, “Y’all Get Back Now”

Good morning, lovelies. A beautiful, larger-than-life, booty-clappin’ sissy bounce Queen Diva badass who goes by the name of Big Freedia has got some important questions for you in this glorious AM:

Directed by Bob Weisz and Josh Ente, produced by Michael Gottwald and Casey Coleman. BIG ol’ limerence for everyone who was involved in making this insanity happen.

“Where that uptown at? Where that downtown at? Where that west bank at?” And, most importantly, “who has the back to make the beat go BOOM?”

Could it beeeee….. YOU?

4 Responses to “BTC: Big Freedia, “Y’all Get Back Now””

  1. stephanie Says:

    def a BTC moment. Paul K took Sylva and me to Big Freedia’s show at the Echoplex last year. we had NO IDEA what we were really getting ourselves into…it was certainly an EPIC night!

  2. Tertiary Says:

    I second the motion for more pasty-white-office-worker booty dancers.

  3. Ang Says:

    Big Freedia is the best! Love love love Such great energy, I highly recommend checking out a show if you ever get the opportunity. So much fun!

  4. whittles Says:

    hot DAMN does this make me wanna dance! I need more music like this in my life.