Coming Soon: Downloadable Back Issues of Coilhouse!

Many of you have asked: “will back issues of Coilhouse ever be available again?” We’re well aware (and gratified) that there’s a lot of interest in the now sold-out Issues 01-05. Since we printed Issue 01 in the summer of 2008, thousands more readers have joined us, and we’ve been eager to find a way to share the old content in a way that’s affordable for everyone. While our printing budget remains solely devoted to new issues at this time, we’re delighted to announce that as of next week, we will be offering DRM-free, high-quality PDFs of our back issues for sale on this site.

This coming Monday, March 28th, we’ll begin a special sale offering all of our previous issues of Coilhouse Magazine, available for purchase as separate issues, or at a discount on all five. This post is just a heads-up to let you know it’s happening soon. If you’re potentially interested in buying one or more PDF back issues, now would be a great time to join the mailing list so that you get a reminder when the issues go on sale. The other great reason to join our mailing list right now is to stay informed about the release of print Issue 06, which is coming along nicely.

As always, we’re incredibly curious to get some feedback from our readers! Any opinions or advice for us about about PDFs, e-readers, phone apps, iPad editions, and whether or not we should offer something like this perennially in our online store? Please, by all means, fire away in comments. As always, the Coilbiz’s learning process is greatly enhanced by direct communication with our community.

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12 Responses to “Coming Soon: Downloadable Back Issues of Coilhouse!”

  1. Nijimei Says:

    The iPad has plenty of great free apps for pdf reading, so as long as they are high res and good quality then they’ll go on an iPad.

  2. jennifer Says:

    offering a downloadable format would be great for those of us here in Europe.

    i can’t speak for other countries in the EU, but here in Spain, Customs is charging extra fees for all overseas packages over 20€ in value or shipping cost. an issue of Coilhouse sent overseas cost me around 20-26€ & maybe 35€ when i’ve ordered merch…having to pay another fee(13-45€) on top of that makes ordering a print issue impossible.

    i have really enjoyed each issue’s content & i enjoy supporting Coilhouse; however, Customs has made receiving overseas packages a rare luxury for me, especially after xmas! any digital format would be highly appreciated.

  3. luminous_insect Says:

    you guys rule! great idea.

  4. JoAsakura Says:

    This is very exciting!! :flails happily:

  5. Lydia Burris Says:

    I am excited about the idea of getting ahold of pdf back issues, and would definitely pay for #3, as I really REALLY wanted it at the time but couldn’t afford it. Thankfully I jumped on #4 and got one before it sold out! I love the quality and content of Coilhouse. :D

  6. 8:35 Says:


  7. Debora Says:

    I think that pdf editions are great, and you can read them in any color e-reader, computer or tablet. Great idea!

  8. Jon Randle Says:

    Brilliant. Cheers guys. I’ll have to buy an ipad now for this.

  9. Ry Says:

    Any word on the pricing, or TBA? Ereader-specific editions would lose a lot in the 8-16 level grayscale presentation, but PDFs can be loaded onto many of them anyways. I’m up in Canada where we’re all really cheap, wouldn’t mind saving a bit on importing and shipping for digital-only additions.

    also, I missed the first five issues.

  10. Danica Says:

    One of my favorite things about Coilhouse is the tactility. (Is that a word?) The feel of the pages under my fingers, the rounded corners, the way they lie beside me, drawing me away into a world where the light is softer, constant stimulation is more than a click away, and my wrist doesn’t cramp up from using my laptop touchpad as a mouse.

    So I will be buying my missing issue (#4) and taking it to my local high-end print shop, where I shall beg them to do their best to match the other 4 objects of worship on my shelf.

    (nope.. I’m not crazy at all… just keep petting the furry walls…)

  11. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    HUGE thanks to all of you for the feedback, all! We’re aware there’s something going FUBAR with the mailing list. Nadya is gonna fix it ASAP.

    @Ry, stay tuned. Pricing TBA. :-)

    @Jennifer. Oof. I hear you, and we know. We wish it wasn’t so expensive to ship internationally… it breaks our hearts that our more far-flung readers get punished with the ridiculous shipping charges. We ARE still trying to sort out those high fee issues with our distributors, but it’s slow going, and the reality is, we’re just not big enough to stay away from Obnoxiously Overpriced Rare Import territory. It really does seem like the next best option we have to somehow making them less expensive to ship/distribute internationally right now is these high-def PDFs… I know a PDF isn’t the same as a printed copy, but it’s something, right? Thanks so much for your continuing support and understanding.

    @Danica Oh muh garsh. ADORE. Because… THAT IS TOTALLY SOMETHING I WOULD DO. We all feel the same way about the print runs. If only we could afford to reprint them. Nadya crunched the numbers with our printer and figured out that it would basically cost the same amount as the original print run did, and that’s just not an option for us at this point. Sigh. Anyway. You’re lovely. Thank you. *hugs*

  12. ria Says:

    Yay!Finally I will be having the chance to read your mag too :D