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Thank you, all, for your feedback about our upcoming PDF Download Launch Sale. It was great to hear that there’s a lot of interest, and we look forward to sharing the back issues of Coilhouse with all of you. We’re putting the finishing touches on the download site and the PDFs, and we can’t wait to unveil the new shop this coming Monday. Get ready!

Meanwhile, we noticed that our mailing list was broken. Yikes. It has now been fixed. So please, join our mailing list. The main purpose of this list is to distribute REALLY HUGE NEWS – like this upcoming release of downloadable PDFs, new issues of Coilhouse coming out, crucial new developments, etc. Who knows – you might even get a sneak peek of some upcoming Coilhouse articles before they’re posted on the blog! We may very occasionally email you with other announcements, such as limited-edition new merch releases and Coilhouse events. But it’s not going to be annoying or spammy, we promise. It goes without saying that we will never share your email, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Join the mailing list! DO IT!

One Response to “Join Our Mailing List!”

  1. Silenus Says:

    I still don’t quite get your mag, but every once in a while you have an article that really resonates with me. The one that prompted my joining your email list was the one on The Feasts of Tre-Mang. Food is almost as important to me as sex.

    I have been seeing your offerings through one of the erotic arts rss feeds I sub to, I’m not sure which one.