Moki’s Spirit Filled Landscapes

Moki has been producing paintings since 2006 and her work ranges between portraits, landscapes, and juxtapositions of the two. My favorites, however, are undoubtedly the images like those shown here, which proudly tout Hiyao Miyazaki’s influence. Completely in love with this stuff.

4 Responses to “Moki’s Spirit Filled Landscapes”

  1. Steampunk Jewelry Maker Says:

    This is really beautiful and haunting art. I love the blend of the traditional with the fairy tale surrealism.

  2. Christina Smith Says:

    These are really amazing images. I want them in my apartment but then they might start freaking me out instead.

  3. Required Reading — Luke Copping Photography - Blog Says:

    […] The beautiful Miyazaki inspired art of Moki Share […]

  4. Soop Says:

    Reminds of some of the images from the film”Uncle Boonmee Who Can Recall His Past Lives”.

    Lovely :)

    Thanks for sharing.