Paul Komoda’s King Thalidomidas

Artist Paul Komoda – whose Elephant Man sculpture, Syphilis lady bust, and ‘Blind Love’ illustration were previously featured on Coilhouse – recently sculpted King Thalidomidas, a new model resin kit available from Artist Proof Studio. King Thalidomidas is available for purchase, or you can enter in a contest to win this sculpture, or one of their many other gorgeously grotesque pieces, simply by commenting on the the Artist Proof blog. Details here.

3 Responses to “Paul Komoda’s King Thalidomidas”

  1. asha beta Says:

    Amazing textures and expression as always, Paul!! Kudos, fantastic work!!

  2. Paul Komoda Says:

    Thanks, Nyx! This was about as spontaneous as anything I’d ever done.

  3. Stuart Marsden Says:

    Paul these are wonderful, so much character and detail, so talented, can’t wait for your next stuff. Kind regards Stuart