Choice Cuts from “Night of the Lepus”

Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the Arizona desert, it’s… NIGHT OF THE LEPUS.

Bunnies have risen! (Truly, they have risen!)

MGM laid this rotten egg in 1972 to a flurry of bad reviews and barely stifled laughter. Based on the 1964 science fiction novel The Year of the Angry Rabbit by Australian pulp writer Russell Braddon, the film depicts the valiant struggle of Arizona townies who are unexpectedly forced to defend their homes against an onslaught of deadly, gargantuan, carnivorous fwuffy wuffly bunneh wabbits. Daawww:

Shot on location in Bumblefuck, Nowhere, Arizona, the best/worst scenes from Night of the Lepus show soft, cuddly domestic rabbits “rampaging” through miniature model sets with what appears to be ketchup liberally smeared on their muzzles and paws. There are also some golden moments featuring shrieking, ensanguined bunny hand puppets, and several instances of human actors dressed in matted shag-rug rabbit costumes flailing their way through poorly choreographed attack scenes. Plus? Janet Leigh reading off cue cards. And? DeForest Kelley with a sexy porn ‘stache. Yusss.

Happy Ēostre, everybody!

4 Responses to “Choice Cuts from “Night of the Lepus””

  1. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Full disclosure: this was me and Bunny’s “first date” movie, appropriately enough! ♥ I lubs it foar ebber.

  2. Tertiary Says:

    I have actually seen this movie, i think in it’s entirety.

    They made so many wretched horror films out in the desert, back in the day.

  3. Paul Komoda Says:

    Giant bunny burning….NOOOOO!

  4. Flo Foxworthy Says:

    I’ve had this film sitting in my To Watch pile for a few weeks! :)