MINDFRAK! The Coilhouse/Ron D. Moore Interview

Readers of Coilhouse: our new interview with Karen Meisner at io9 just went live. “Crime, Cryptohistory, Cthulhu, Culture, & Cyberpunk: Inside Coilhouse Magazine“. Check it out!

Readers of io9: WELCOME. Here are some categories you might enjoy: Cyberpunk, Technology, Cthulhu, Uncanny Valley, Gaming, Geekdom, Future, Steampunk, Sci-fi, and End of the World.

Readers of Coilhouse and io9 both: we have a special treat for you. Since we’re now offering DRM-free, downloadable PDFs of our back issues, we’d like to offer a few free samples. In the next two weeks, we’ll be releasing free PDFs of our favorite articles from Issues 01-05 to give you a sense of what the magazine is like. This Friday, we’re publishing our interview with Ron D. Moore, creator of Battlestar Galactica. You can download the entire article for free here. This interview ran in Issue 03, the rest of which can be purchased here for a mere $5, or however much you’d like to pay.

To those of you who already downloaded some of the back issues, thank you. It’s been wonderful to see past editions take on a new life. We hope you’re enjoying them.

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  1. Report for Wed, 6 Apr 2011… - Dateline Zero Says:

    […] audience, and our culture’s slowly but surely catching up.” Coilhouse is offering some free PDF samples from the magazine, as well as selling downloadable PDFs of sold-out back issues. [via […]

  2. Janema Says:

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