Orson Welles and Jim Henson and Frank Oz Share a Too-WTF-For-TV Moment


“Things take an unpleasant turn at the end of Orson Welles’ interview with Jim Henson and Frank Oz… and stay tuned for Miss Angie Dickinson!”

Not really sure what’s happening, here, or whether this footage –all presumably taken from the unaired pilot for Orson Welles’ prospective 1978 talk show– has been doctored or edited in any way. (Does anyone who’s seen the bootleg have more info on it?) Whatever’s going on, though, watching these three geniuses sharing such a sublimely awkward moment has gotta be the best thing since sliced bread frozen peas.

[Via Jim Sclavunos, thanks!]

6 Responses to “Orson Welles and Jim Henson and Frank Oz Share a Too-WTF-For-TV Moment”

  1. adrian Says:

    the inserts of miss piggy and kermit are added to the footage. That doesn’t make the show any less weird, there’s a good deal with the actual muppets, burt reynolds and orson in matching suits, plenty of onstage “illusions” by awesome welles. the show ends with him getting shot at. many costume changes and cigar puffing.

  2. drij Says:

    Yeah, those muppet suicide bits were taken from Conan O’Brien’s show in the early ’00s.

  3. Tertiary Says:

    Boy. His delivery there is so… Orson Welles talking about Muppets like they’re remarkable and sinister and Jim Henson is a diabolical genius for thinking them up.

    Which is sort of true. So…

  4. Ross Rosenberg Says:

    Oh, Orson Welles, you never fail to entertain, for good or bad. This was fantastic, editing or no. Though I am VERY DISAPPOINTED that you passed up a chance to link the greatest of all Orson Welles moments, Mer:

  5. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Thanks for the clarifying info, guys!

    @Ross No, dearie, I didn’t pass it up lightly. That one actually makes me deeply sad, “mah haaaa” moment and all.

  6. Heather Says:

    someone should really take that footage of miss piggy and recut the video for Where the Wild Roses Grow.

    Just sayin’.