BTC: David Lynch and Barbie Discuss Coffee

Jeez… what’s goin’ on…

Via Laughing Squid:

To promote his new David Lynch Signature Cup Organic Coffee, the film auteur made this insane or absolutely brilliant video of a conversation he has with a Barbie doll about the coffee. The video consists of a relentless four minute close-up of Barbie’s head firmly clenched in Lynch’s hand as he provides all the dialogue, making very little attempt to distinguish between his gravelly voice and Barbie’s.

Yep, you just watched four straight minutes of one of the most influential filmmakers of all time making small talk and flirting with a doll head. Intrigued? Befuddled? Creeped out? Laughing hysterically? Irritable? Delighted? All of the above? Let’s talk about this.

4 Responses to “BTC: David Lynch and Barbie Discuss Coffee”

  1. Frank Says:

    He’s not holding her in a caring fashion. Either that takes it out of, or drives it deeper into, the realm of creepy. The last time someone combined white knuckles with a caring voice, something bad happened.

  2. Xorcist Says:

    Fucking brilliant. I want someone to get me a cup of coffee.

  3. Gen Says:

    Love it. His voice is awesome :)

  4. Lidz Says:

    Yes.. thoroughly creeped out. Considering skipping my evening coffee now.