BTC: “Don’t Do It In The Park”

Via The Daily What.

Wow. This single comment says it all, really:

THIS is what I love about portable technology. Because everyone has that story of “You just had to be there, man.” Now we can. Thank you.

Word of warning if you’re at work: make sure you’re on headphones! Word of warning if the prospect of a spectacularly juvenile 5.5-minute rant from a cranky, (possibly ex-military) piggy park ranger does not sound amusing to you: you will want to watch Kitty the Malay Eagle Owl instead.

2 Responses to “BTC: “Don’t Do It In The Park””

  1. SA Says:

    I was with the ranger until his “bang a fat girl, put it on YouTube” crack.

  2. Blue Stahli Says:

    Rod Farva takes this ish seriously. No shenanigans.