Evil Robot or Japanese Building?

Flickr user turezure recently snapped this menacing picture of the Humax Pavilion in Shibuya. Doesn’t it look like it’s just sitting there, biding its time, waiting to bust a move, Megatron-style?

The Pavilion was designed in 1991 by Hiroyuki Wakabayashi, who also designed the Nankai 50000 train series, seen above. The design theme for the train was Outdated Future, and indeed, there is a suspicious resemblance to the 1978  Cylon Centurian model.Wakabayashi’s other works include the breathtaking Uji Station and Maruto Bldg. No.17 in Kyoto. [via Battling Pink Robots]

4 Responses to “Evil Robot or Japanese Building?”

  1. Swan Says:

    You are an evil robot ;)

  2. asha beta Says:

    oh my god. that bullding is breathtaking.

  3. M D Says:

    I don’t understand the question. Aren’t all buildings in Japan evil robots?

  4. Skye X Says:

    Well, fuck. Frank Gehry has some competition in my “favorite architect” category.