Feather And Claw

I’m a big fan of Dan Hillier’s stunningly detailed ink drawings digitally altered engravings. His early work featured figures whose appendages had mutated and mysteriously taken upon animal qualities. This new series takes that one step further, the flora and fauna having completely taken over, wearing only the blank, human shells that remain.

Via Hi-Fructose

7 Responses to “Feather And Claw”

  1. elnigma Says:

    Love that last picture!!!

  2. Dave C Says:

    As much as I appreciate Dan Hillier’s lovely work, these aren’t drawings they’re digitally collaged engravings. As far as I can tell from his website & blog he has made the occasional ink rendering based on the assemblage process, but these constitute a very small part of his output.

  3. Suzanne Says:

    Exactly what Dave C says. His ink drawings are a lot different in style and rather esoteric (http://www.danhillier.com/#/gallery?image_id=ink_01) and as for the examples posted, get your hands on about 6 versions of the royalty-free Dover pictorial archive books (I can submit the exact titles, if interested) and TADA!, quelle surprise, Dan Hillier’s work, unassembled.

  4. Suzanne Says:

    (I will always be utterly in love with his seraphims though. They are genius. Aside from that, I personally prefer stock material used in a more raw, Max Ernstesque “Une Semaine de Bonté” way)

  5. april Says:

    Reminds me of Max Ernst so my mind instantly went collage…..? I was kind of confused when I saw ink drawings with a slash through it. Thx for clearing that up people.

  6. Patricia Says:

    So he is essentially a digital collage artist? You can’t beat Victorian and Edwardian etchings for that marvellous level of detail and texture. I was surprised that anyone would think it they were ink drawings though perhaps that comes from my familiarity due to working with similar source materials. I sometimes alter or tonal correct my collages with ink but refer to myself as a collage artist (with drawing skills!). I enjoy the limitation/challenge presented by doing it with a scalpel and raw or photocopied sources rather than a mouse/tablet. For me such tools feel more intuitive and immediate though I have dabbled with digital collage as well. It _seemed_ to take a LOT longer – that could be a skill thing or lack there of on my part – so kudos to Mr Hillier and his patience!

  7. Armando Cabba Says:

    Digital collage. You lost my respect. Be a man and pick up a pen.