Magic Highway USA

I suspect that when many Americans think of The Future, it looks like something envisioned by Disney; all moving sidewalks, flying cars, and abodes akin to The Monsanto House of the Future. “Magic Highway USA” doesn’t stray too far from these established tropes. There are still the flying cars and moving sidewalks but there are also truly fantastical items like giant machines that build bridges into the thin air underneath them out of quick drying concrete mixtures or machines the melt tunnels into mountains using The Power of the Atom. On the other hand, it also vaguely hints at devices very much like modern GPS units. And unsurprisingly, considering the mindset at the time, there are highways everywhere, vast networks of roadways crisscrossing the globe, enabling you and your family to drive through the Taj Mahal or up the Great Sphinx’s nose. A spiderweb of automotive activity, always on the move, never stopping. Welcome to The Future.

Via Paperwalker : Super Punch

4 Responses to “Magic Highway USA”

  1. Tertiary Says:

    I love this video. I’m especially fond of the machine that builds bridges while crossing them. And the 50’s family expectations.

  2. Dan Cheek Says:

    An mobile atomic reactor used to melt holes through mountains. What’s the worst that could happen?

  3. elroy Says:

    Disney was always very pro-nuclear. And here we are.

  4. jont Says:

    Beautiful, beautiful lies.