Man vs. Box

As the Japanese continue their misguided forays into the fields of robotics and artificial intelligence, we can, no doubt, expect to see more scenarios like the one played out here, in this video. What chance does a human being stand against the cold, steel mind of the insidious Machine? If a man can’t even flip a switch in peace in the presence of one of these things, what hope is there for our future?

This is what happens when our creations rebel. This will be the end of us.

5 Responses to “Man vs. Box”

  1. Suzanne Says:

    Wow. I like the fact that someone recycled an old internet meme by putting a Japanese emoticon on it and making it all zen looking. No, really! (´・ω・`)

    Here are the instructions to build yourself one, btw:

  2. Suzanne Says:

    Why is it so angry? (・_・?)

  3. Ben Morris Says:

    That was a really funny variant of Claude Shannon and Marvin Minsky’s The Ultimate Machine.

    Proof that scientists can have elaborate and wonderful senses of humor.

    My personal favorite variant of The Ultimate Machine is this handmade wooden clockwork version: Dr Boyer’s Mystery Box.

  4. Tertiary Says:

    Nice. I was like “Oh, okay, a jokey internet version of Ultimate Machine” until the end bit, when it sucked in the switch. Then the original force of the idea rebounded.

  5. Thomas Retterbush Says:

    I’m glad someone other than me is keeping tabs on this stuff!