Finland, treatment once again, you are FULL OF WIN.

Via Ariana Osborne, who is also full of win.

This is Munamies (Finnish for Eggman), from the comedy show Putous. He is here to make you feel bouncy… or maybe just mildly KILL-IT-WITH-FIRE-y. Consider him the benign little brother of the Kinder Surprise Eggman animatron.

Munamies by Chisaku.

5 Responses to “Munamies!”

  1. stephanie Says:

    wow…’s freakishly cute and horrifying at the same time….and as always your timing for silly laughter is impeccable, mer!

  2. Al Ridenour Says:

    Looking back at the Kinder Surprise animatronic made me think of WC Fields in the 1933 “Alice in Wonderland.”

    It’s definitely in that grey creepy/charming area…. okay, maybe veering a bit more toward “creepy”.

  3. Tertiary Says:

    …that’s remarkable.

    I felt simultaneously somewhat more bouncy, and ALSO more KILL-IT-WITH-FIRE! That’s a major achievement.

  4. Zoetica Says:

    I… Uh… [flop]

  5. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Egads! Al, that’s spot-on. That entire movie has some really ghastly practical special/makeup effects in it, didn’t it?

    Since we’re veering more and more toward OUTRIGHT creep in a theme of bloaty uncanny valley weirdness…