Revisiting The House of Collection

Photo by Trevor Tondro for The New York Times

Two urban faery friends of ours in Williamsburg, ladies who have cultivated one of the most unique and enchanting domiciles you’ll ever see, are attracting a lot of attention, lately! Coilhouse first posted about Paige Stevenson and her Brooklyn loft, now called The House of Collection, in Feb of 2008. Since that time, the ever-inspiring Paige and her consummately luminous domestic partner, Ms. Ahnika Meyer-Delirium, have been working (and playing) toward making their wondrous 2000 square-foot loft more vibrant than ever.

Paige’s interview with All That We’ve Met last month is sure to inspire. Even more recently, the New York Times’ in-depth coverage of the House of Collection, –which features both Paige and Ahnika discussing their kindhearted philosophies of life and decor–  offers a gorgeous tour of their abode. An excerpt from that article, titled “In Williamsburg, a Live-In Cabinet of Curiosities“:

It’s the way objects are deployed — all over the place, in large quantities and with a sense of play — that makes for something unexpected. A mounted deer’s head is one thing. A deer’s head with a pink brocade eye patch, false eyelashes and a glittery nose is another.

Likewise, grouping all the plants in the living room, even when it’s a room as large as theirs, makes an impact. “People sort of melt open,” Ms. Meyer said. “They feel as though they’re in a magical fairyland. But they also feel at home.”

The House of Collection is rich in such contrasts, a place cozy and vast, one that is urban but, thanks to the greenery, the farm tools and animal forms, has a country feel. It’s fitting for a couple who are both very domestic and deeply unconventional.

Photo by Trevor Tondro for The New York Times

New York City can sometimes feel like an especially cold and aloof realm… yet the HoC is as warm, welcoming and accepting a place as you are ever likely to observe.

Ah, you beauties! Well done.

10 Responses to “Revisiting The House of Collection”

  1. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    An amazing quote from Paige that I need to write down and stick on the fridge:

    “I think the quality I admire most in people is that quality of being able to balance confidence and resultant creativity with humility and compassion. [People] who can love themselves and shine in the world, and are not just sticking to their egos but are really paying attention, listening, and being careful about what they do, too.”

  2. Jessica Says:

    Oooh, what a wonderful place!!! Love the NY times photos…here’s the slideshow: :)

  3. Paige & Ahnika Says:

    Meredith: We are such big fans of You & yers as well; your projects, your character, your friendship.
    As Ahnika said on Faceworld, we would love to have you come for an extended visit sometime. An honor to be featured here! As always. Cultivating community, collaboration & networking… The House of Collection has always been something of a love letter to alternative culture. Yay for continuing to build this amazing, now global, tribe with ye. We are delighted.

    Love & Rust,

    Paige & Ahnika
    Entropy Warriors
    House of Collection, Brooklyn

  4. Meredith Yayanos Says:


    *happy wiggle dance*

  5. Pat Houtz Says:

    Love your blog. Found out about it thru Paige & Anika.

  6. vivacious_g Says:

    I love this, enjoyed the video and interview too. I am so glad there are people such as these. This really stirred up nostalgia for my grandparents’ old property in Virginia. A large hundred year old Victorian house and 2 barns chock full of treasures and sprawling grounds. I would explore for hours and there was always work to be done on the house. I miss that place.

  7. Madeline Ashby Says:

    This is the location where “What’s the Use of Wondr’in?” was shot, is it not?

  8. Meredith Yayanos Says:

    Madeline, yes, it was! A lot of bands and filmmakers have shot videos and photos at the HoC… it’s very photogenic. :)

  9. Slackeypants Says:

    So beautiful!! Thank you for inspiring me again and again! SP

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