“Thought of You”

Ryan J. Woodward is the artist and animator responsible for yesterday’s lovely Google animation commemorating dancer Martha Graham.

Via Si Spurrier, thanks!

Woodward released this piece, “Thought of You” (animated to a song by The Weepies) a few months ago, after working closely with a choreographer and dancers to achieve a deep level of subtlety and humanity. The short was rejected from Sundance, but has since gained effusive praise and hundreds of thousands of views on Vimeo and Youtube.

If anyone is reminded of Michel Gagné‘s work (that same fluidity and emotive dexterity) it’s no coincidence. Woodward states: “[Gagné] was my mentor and continues to be my friend and my inspiration. I give him all the credit in the world for what I’ve learned.”

Learn more about Woodward’s non-commercial body of work at Conte Animated.

Via Conte Animated.

3 Responses to ““Thought of You””

  1. dicyfer Says:

    I just saw this a few days ago by a completely random chain of links, how coincidental! The animation is just stunning, the fluidity is gorgeous, and of course, the story element is what makes it special.

  2. CyborgCoquette Says:

    My friend thought at first that he had drawn over film because it’s so incredibly difficult to animate dance so fluidly. This is beautiful.

  3. maggie Says:

    so, so, so beautiful. brightened my day by a hundred degrees.