BTC: “What is that ungodly thing?”

“We all saw it scrawled across the blackboard the second we stepped into Miss Lovecraft’s class…”

A  disturbing and darkly humorous commentary on burgeoning adolescence and coming to terms with “the other” that is the opposite sex, Craig MacNeill’s short film, “Late Bloomer“, devotes a horrific (and hilarious) thirteen minutes to the obscene revelations that stem from biological discovery.  Written and brilliantly narrated in true Lovecraftian style by Clay McLeod Chapman, this tale of a “7th grade sex-ed class gone horribly wrong”  chronicles the destruction of innocence in pulpy prose worthy of the old gentleman himself.

How to describe these grotesque mockeries of natural law? Clearly hovering at the edge of sanity, both awe-struck and terrified by the frenzied hormonal horrors to which he has become an initiate,  the film’s narrator recounts the events of that eldritch classroom in an eerie, quavering voice while a murky, droning soundtrack by One Ring Zero provides appropriate ambiance.  It is said that MacNeill was inspired to make “Late Bloomer” while shooting a documentary on the film’s writer; one cannot view the result without  imagining the horrors to which that pale, untried youth may have borne witness in the classroom.

4 Responses to “BTC: “What is that ungodly thing?””

  1. Nevel Says:

    I love you, Coilhouse! This is brilliant.

  2. Koorb Says:

    What a find! So crazy, over-the-top! I love it…..! Thanks

  3. Ashbet Says:

    Oh, I ADORE “Late Bloomer” — wonderful to see it featured here! <3

  4. EdGrey Says:

    I do not always look at the videos I see posted here but your description of it forced me to watch. I am so glad you posted this as it was an amazing video. Terms from this short shall forever be staples in my vocabulary. I have to figure out how to work “the mighty one eyed messenger”, “The residue of its escape”, and “clitoral antenna” into everyday conversation. The subtly of “Yet to be explored by my hands” literally had me laughing out loud. Excellent piece of work here and I am now fascinated by Clay McLeod Chapman and must seek out other works by him. Thank you for another great find.