“How to Become a Sensuous Witch”

Sexy Witch writes:

“Two of New York’s most successful witches”, viagra sale Abragail and Valaria, hospital “reveal their occult (and culinary) secrets for a livelier love life!” in How to Become a Sensuous Witch: Spells, Rituals, and Recipes for a Livelier Love Life (New York: Paperback Library, [November] 1971). The shout on the rear cover continues:

Finding a new love, or getting rid of an old one, is simple when you use magic. Keeping the right man is easier too.

How to be a Sensuous Witch is a combination of time-tested rituals and up to the minute recipes guaranteed to satisfy you and your love.

There are spells to attract both men and money (poverty is counter-sensuous), to arouse passion, to assure fidelity, or (if you get bored) to separate your lover from you. The recipes range from elegant dinners to restorative breakfasts—and there is a whole chapter on festive Sabbats for your whole Coven!

More info at Sexy Witch. Via Catamara, thanks!

6 Responses to ““How to Become a Sensuous Witch””

  1. Tertiary Says:

    An old tradition, sexy witchery…
    Why, one need only look at the steed of this practitioner to know all one needs to on the matter:


  2. selizabeth Says:

    Ha! This book (along with that one by Zeena LaVey) has been sitting on my shelf for ages, looking rather sleazy and gathering dust. Little did I know there were recipes in it for Salem Sausage and Scallops Satan – I will have to take another peek, if only to see how these esoteric edibles are prepared.

    OH! And did you see the link for the Fanny Hill Cookbook near the bottom of the page? Now that would make for some kind of dinner party, wouldn’t it?? http://www.flickr.com/photos/stml/2314224121/

  3. Andy Says:

    Can only imagine that this is one of the books Molly Weasley has hidden away from ickle Ginny^^

  4. Gareth Branwyn Says:

    Ahahaha. I had this book as a teen. I found it in a used bookstore. This and The Witch’s Workbook. I spent a lot of time…. meditating on that “sensuous witch” on the cover.

  5. Al Ridenour Says:

    Love it! Sounds like Gareth (above) and I spent a lot of time in similar meditations. Sexy Witch is a great blog! Apotheosis of this whole sensual witch phenomenon may be Babetta — former proprietress of the Sorcerers’ Shop in W. Hollywood — posing for a Penthouse photo set in 1974.

  6. Jack Says:

    This book has been staring at me (perhaps as a muse of sorts) for months from across my desk. Perhaps I’ll steal it for a spell (pun semi-intended) and give it a read.