Norman’s Ghost Hole

Another mystifying, gorgeous, crumbling artifact found on Tumblr [via bloodmilk].

The source and context of the image sadly remain a mystery, but, as with Deirdre Aislinn MacCarthy and Athanasius Scrimshaw and his good lady, Jerboa, this photo invites the telling of tales.

What happens when this traveling show comes to town? What’s the relationship between the well-dressed lady standing on the stairs and the man beside her? Do those carved gargoyles and angels ever talk? Are people who see this show ever really the same after the see it?

2 Responses to “Norman’s Ghost Hole”

  1. Zoh Says:

    How interesting! There is also a “ghost hole” attraction at Coney Island. I took some pictures of it recently:

    Maybe it’s a genre?

  2. Nadya Says:

    Zoh: Totally! I love that originally it was called “The Hell Hole,” but they changed it because of pressure from religious groups. The “Hell Hole” was too obscene for children, but the Ghost Hole? Not at all!