Russian Photoshop Weddings

Via EnglishRussia:

It seems that some couples find their wedding moments not vivid enough. They believe that photo editing can make the memories of the wedding day even much more impressive and close the boring gaps with the help of the powerful Photoshop. It’s not recommended for people with highly sensitive nature to look at the pictures.

Damn, hospital Russia… damn. More horrifying wedding photos after the jump, pharm and even more over here.


5 Responses to “Russian Photoshop Weddings”

  1. Jennifer dG Says:

    Are they going to pull her apart like a wishbone? Aieee!

    There’s something uncanny about Russia from a Western perspective. They seem kind of like us and yet… they are SO NOT LIKE US.

  2. Comorbid Says:

    Damn Russia, you scary!

  3. Paul Komoda Says:

    The image in which the groom is playing his bride like a violin is too frightening for words. Are the Russians trying to out-weird the Japanese? They’re giving it a good try!

  4. JoAsakura Says:

    while the “barbarian rescuing the chained princess” one would go well with the Black Metal Rooster, the one where.. I guess the bride is a cello?


  5. Alysa Says:

    My eyes! MY EYES! I will never unsee this. As if there isn’t enough tasteless Russian randomness in the world.

    Oh wait, but then what would we mock study?