Samuel Jackson AND Werner Herzog Narrate “Go the F**k to Sleep”

This summer’s surprise feelgood literary hit for exhausted parents has now been narrated by Samuel Fuckin’ Jackson (you can download it for free from Audible right now). And, if that’s not enough for ya, word has it Werner Fuckin’ Herzog is going recording an official rendition as well. EPIC WIN.

Click here to listen to the official Jackson narration. Below, a very recent live recording of Herzog:

One Response to “Samuel Jackson AND Werner Herzog Narrate “Go the F**k to Sleep””

  1. papercup mixmaster Says:

    After enjoying “Werner Herzog [impersonator] reads…” Madeline, Where’s Waldo, Winnie the Pooh, and more for some time now, I was somehow hesitant that himself, reading the actual words, might not be quite what I dreamed of. But no, it was. This is a perfect thing. I CAN’T WAIT for an official audiobook version. Mr. Jackson’s version, with it’s sweet little lullaby soundtrack, is also made of phenomenal win.