The Arctic Lights

Those first days after returning from vacation are always the worst, aren’t they? Everything seems bizarre and alien. Your desk is cluttered with strange objects you’ve forgotten how to operate. One of them keeps making horrible noises and placing it to your ear only reveals another person making other, horrible noises. Most of the day is spent slapping at your keyboard trying to get your computer to do anything. It’s terrible.

Luckily the internet is always there to keep you distracted from your nigh complete ineptitude. Take, for instance, this spectacular bit of time-lapse photography by Terje Sorgjerd, filmed on Lofoten, an archipelago in Norway. Set to a beautiful piece of music by Marika Takeuchi, it’s three minutes of blissful peace — after which I really should get back to relearning how to uncap a pen.

via Bioephemera

One Response to “The Arctic Lights”

  1. Pris Says:

    Thank you for sharing this.

    I wish I could visit these parts of the world one day.