Something Old, Something New: The Vintage Lesbian Tumblr Blog

Something old, doctor something new, advice something borrowed, ask something blue: the Vintage Lesbian Tumbr Blog.

“Vintage lesbians, affectionate women, Boston Marriages, lesbian innuendo, antique erotica, [and] women who may not be lesbians but we wish they were.” Something for everyone. Collette, Marlene, Bettie, Renée, Anna May. NSWF.

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  1. Saint Says:

    You girls continue to be lamps unto my feet. Just earlier today I had been looking for victorian erotica for a furniture design project, and here we are. Consider this followed.

  2. Vintage Lesbians Tumblelog - Nerdcore Says:

    […] Mein Lieblingstumblr für die nächsten fünf Minuten: „Vintage Lesbians. Affectionate Women. Boston Marriages. Lesbian Innuendo. Antique Erotica. Women Being Nude Together. Lesbian History. Vintage Drag. Women Who May Not Be Lesbians But We Wish They Were.“ (via Coilhouse) […]

  3. J Falkenberg Says: